Unlike the normal buses where you can’t do more than hang on to your dear life, the AC buses provide a cocoon within which converge the lives of a multitude, leading to many amusing and not so amusing interactions …. .. a lady trying to make it to the door, asking the conductor where he was going to get down; two fresh-out-of-college employees sharing their worldly wisdom – how to drink and not get caught at home; a frail old lady in jeans and kurta, sits – after a young benefactor vacates his seat for her, with her her feet dangling 2 inches from the floor; another lady boldly asking for tickets and then realising that she left her purse at home; a conductor not letting go off the 3 Rs10/- notes which I held out though it was short of the full fare; a pregnant woman requesting but not getting place to sit in an overcrowded bus; and the rest of the crowd with their noise blocking ear-phones tightly fixed in place, in a world of their own – missing out on all the fun !!


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