Searching for that elusive Mango: An Educational experience

Having seen some good get ups from Mango on the grooming blogs that i’m prone to read i decided to visit the brand showroom. No mean feat that, considering that we live in the “back of the beyond” of Mumbai (read Navi Mumbai ), this elusive brand is yet to make its presence here and I would have to go to the “happening” Mumbai on the Western line 2 hours from my place . Searching on the much talked about “Google Maps” I found a show room on the fashion street “Linking Road”. Linking Road aka Vithalbhai Patel road, starts from Bandra, goes northward through Khar and ends at Santacruz. One Friday, bunking half day office and dragging a colleague of mine I decide to visit the shop. Having reached the Bandra portion of Linking Road and walking almost over a kilometer all the way to Khar Road from Bandra we were unable to locate the shop at the point as shown on the Google Maps (following the maps on my controversial Acer Mobile). The whole time my colleague kept saying why do you have to come the whole way here when there is a huge Mango shop at Thane. Since we were unable to find the shop on Linking Road, I decided going to Thane was worth a shot (despite my misgivings on why Mango would have a shop in Thane.) Searching on that map encyclopedia I realised that she was referring to the stationery named “Mango”!!!! So much for the Brand-name USP!!! She had to leave early that day and before giving up on the Khar Road store I thought I should search a little more and started walking ahead. Asking some females on the road I determined that there is a store somewhere on that road but it seemed pretty far from Khar. I also got into the hazardous position of having one female tell me that she was going that way and I could walk with her and was subjected to the recital of her complicated life.

Finding that the location on the Google maps wasn’t accurate I went to the site and searched for the store location, which turned out as I suspected much ahead of the place where we were searching for. So armed with the correct location I decided to set forth to SantaCurz the next weekend (A very determined shopper I am! ). The location indicator of the Google Maps being turned off by my hubby I had to find my way to the pin-pointed location by actually reading the road signage! Having got to the precise location I found a few brand show-rooms but no Mango. I found an aging security guard and asked him where the Mango Shop was (assuming it was near by and known to everybody). He gave me a weird look like I had come from some other planet and pointed me in the opposite direct from Khar (towards North of Santacruz) and told me to take the right from the next red light – “all the shops are there” he said. I still hadn’t lost faith in Google Maps and it made be believe that I had to go South while he told me to go North, however due to lack of any better option I walked north and took the directed right only to find that I was approaching the local market place where they would obviously be selling mangoes (if they had started making an appearance for the summer) Finally I asked a more HS female and learnt that the shop was further south – a mere 10 min walk.

  • Lesson 1: Google Map locations on mobile to be taken with a pinch of salt
  • Lesson 2: When looking for Branded shops never ask security guards
  • Lesson 3: It is still possible to find places by following road signage and asking people – the old fashioned way !!
  • Lesson 4: However be very very careful NOT to walk with anybody to the location you are searching for!
  • Lesson 5: The most valuable of all – Imprinted in my memory for a lifetime the location sequence from North to South: Andheri, Ville Parle, Santa Cruz, Khar Road, Bandra!! Don’t ask me which side the station come though!

4 thoughts on “Searching for that elusive Mango: An Educational experience

  1. Mango a stationery? Or Mango a grocery item?

    Its all the same. Mango s and Banana s. Having been dragged to a number of these Mango and Banana shops, I have had the chance to look at those through the eyes of a ‘disinterested male trying to find something interested to do while she shops’. They have all 3 main components: dress, shoes, bags. Almost all of the clothes in these clothes have the tag ;Made in Vietnam’ or ‘Made in Cambodia’, rarely a few ‘Made in India’ as well. The shop layout is such that 6/8th of the shop floor is designated as ‘hers’ and 1/8th each for ‘his’ and ‘kids’, which almost certainly would be at a far far corner of the store. Some of those don’t even have the ‘his’, which is obvious 🙂 And they always have a ‘SALE’ poster on their windows..

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