Identityless Doufus

Since the time i’ve been in college never once have I lost my wallet and after 12 years I went and did the other night – with the rain pouring in buckets and me in a hurry to get into the mall, I dropped it in the auto after paying the driver.

It was a shock to realize how much I took my wallet for granted. I had all my ID cards including driver’s license and PAN card in the wallet along with my debit cards and a large amount of cash. And as a proof of my lack of contingency planning I didn’t have even a single copy of my driver’s license and even if the wallet came into the hands of some decent person I didn’t have any ID / Business card in the wallet which would give them my current contact information.. “Doufus” wouldn’t even go half way to describing how stupid I felt about my own actions.

After blocking the debit cards, spending a sleepless night and the next morning falling at people’s feet at the Insurance office to get a copy of the Xerox of my Driving License which I had submitted a week back, running around 2 – 3 police chowkis (each one kept directing us to a chowki closer to the scene of incident) and filling an FIR; a tearful me decided to go to the office since there was nothing better to do.

Imagine my surprise and amazement, when an hour later my hubby calls and informs me that the wallet has been found and returned with all the contents intact !! This amazing lady who found it, turned it upside down to find my current address – in vain! She then used an innovative method to find me – She took my Shopper’s Stop loyalty card to the store and asked them to provide the contact details, and I got my wallet back – with everything intact.

Of course, now that i’ve learnt my lesson i’ve made adequate provisions for contingency situations, however, I think no matter how much I thank the amazing lady i’ll never be able to completely express my gratitude at her taking such pains to return my wallet.