Roof Top Addiction

Having spent most of my grown up life in semi-urban and rural areas of the country, I always thought Mumbai was the most happening place to be in. While working in the IPCL township at Nagothane (Maharashtra), I never failed to come to Mumbai every weekend and explore all the famous haunts. However, now that I’m actually living and working here and though I still believe it is the most happening place to be in, the fact remains that living in Mumbai makes me very very claustrophobic – cramped houses, buildings after buildings, narrow roads bursting will all kinds of transportation – autos, cycles, buses, cars trucks and people – people every where !!

The only place I find solace from the claustrophobia is at the roof of our building. Our building being slightly taller than the near by buildings ensures that I get a lovely view of the horizon and an unhindered view of the sky. With the coming of the monsoon clouds the roof also becomes a photographers’ paradise for shooting amazing sky-scapes.

Clouds gathering over the endless stretch of buildings

In a fanciful light, they appear as though they were castle spires from some Disney fairytale

A lone traveler in the vast firmament of the sky

Promise of a bright & lovely world peeking out from behind storm clouds

The golden rays of the setting sun

A lovely colour palette – from the golden yellows to the deep violets


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