The Luxury of Expression

Ideally it should read the freedom of expression – however being a MBA graduate working in a corporate, I’ve realized that it has become more of a luxury than the right granted to me by the constitution of this country. Diplomacy is highly priced in any organization and if you don’t have the rare ability to say what you wish to without hurting anybody’s feelings then its better to be quiet, since you don’t know which words of yours would come back to bite you. In the bargain people like me who are unfortunate enough not be gifted with this priced quality find that we have to bite our tongues ever so often that its in perpetual danger of being cut into two.
Since, I’ve been working in the corporate world for some time, its become second nature to me to keep my mouth shut unless addressed directly, but I never realized the how much I missed being able to say whatever I wanted till the other day when I was traveling in a cab. The cab driver was chatting with another cab driver at the red light and as soon as the light turned green, he started telling me “He was my previous boss. Worked for him till his wife yelled at me. She said I don’t get any money and waste my time with the vehicle. I got so angry I threw the car keys at her and decided that I need to buy a my own vehicle. I bought this car for 1 lakh, (indicating his creaking fiat taxi) and now I don’t have to listen to anybody.” Four sentences and he had simply and succinctly biographied his life-defining milestone for me – a complete stranger.

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