Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination


Weddings in India are grand affairs, with large gatherings of family and friends. We had one hosted in the parking area of our apartment building – huge cloth canopies created an auditorium. The lights through the cloth canopy created a wonderful pattern when viewed from our 5th Floor apartment.

Light patterns through a cloth canopy

While on a trip to Goa we went to lovely outdoor restaurant for dinner. The mood lighting they had created with candles and recessed lights was amazing. While experimenting with various setting I got a lovely shot of the lighting effecting.


Mood Lighting


Poster Mania

Bollywood movies have definitely reached an inflection point where the industry is freely experimenting with various new techniques and story lines, and i’m just loving the innovative camera work being done in many of the small budget movies which have come out recently. Case in point – the starting frames of “Delhi Belly” – the bucket mis-aligned to the flowing water from the tap and the cockroaches inside empty pizza boxes.

However, camera work is not the only place where this industry is experimenting. I’ve also been amazed by some of the posters that have been used to advertize the movies. Two movies in particular have not only captured my imagination but have also delighted me with their posters –


“Barfi” Poster which reminds me of Enid Blyton’s Five Find-Outers Cover Page.


“Barfi” Poster capturing the various expression of Ranbir Kapoor which make the movie a visual delight!

“Barfi” – A movie which narrates the experiences of a deaf and mute guy who makes the viewers fall in love with life. Despite all the controversies surrounding the movie I do believe the director – Anurag Basu is to be commended for the creation of this heart warming tale.

Of the large number of posters that were used to advertise this film, I fell in love with one! The picture of Ranbir Kapoor crashing the bi-cycle is strangely reminiscent of illustrations from old Enid Blyton books – “Clear Orf” crashing his cycle due to the pranks of Fatty in the Five Find-Outers series.

The other poster that I found worth appreciating was the collage of Ranbir’s expressions. Playing the deaf n mute protagonist in the movie he totally depends on his expressions to keep the viewers engaged. This poster aptly portrays the essence of the movie and therefore makes it worthy of note.


“Kahani” poster – Focusing on the scared pregnant woman in the midst of the Durga Pooja chaos





Juxtaposed to these posters are the posters of the movie “Kahani” – more appropriately the POSTER of Kahani. Understated advertizing was emphasized by the fact that the movie had only ONE image for its posters – The picture of a scared and worried heronie in the midst of the chaos of Durga Pooja. The poster adds to the sense of mystery generated by the trailers of a pregnant woman in search of her missing husband. Of-course its only AFTER one has seen the movie one realizes the significance of the Durga idol directly behind Vidya Balan in the poster. Kudos to the team who designed the artwork for this poster.


Waiting impatiently for more innovative and creative work in the coming year …. and looks like I won’t be disappointed.