Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

For a change, I have more than one image to contribute! Obviously because I love shooting sunsets.

These are from my trip to Kolkata – At the banks of Hoogly near BabuGhat

Thoughtful @ Babughat Ferry Terminal

Thoughtful @ Babughat Ferry Terminal

The Ferry

The Ferry

This is from our building rooftop at Mumbai. More pictures here.


At Powai Lake Mumbai – taken on a mob camera but still makes a great shot of the urban skyline, I feel.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

There is such a charm in visiting cities which have a rich history. I love Mumbai mainly because I love to the look of age worn buildings ….. they give me such a sense of nostalgia to think of the things they would have witnessed – the joys and tribulations of people, the rise and fall of industries, the prosperity, the girt.

Recently when I visited Kolkata, I experienced somewhat similar feelings, and for a change I was able to capture a few pictures of some unique old buildings.

Colourful Windows

Colourful Windows

P.S. – I have discovered the joys of Snapseed; and though Photoshop will always be my first love, I think I will be spending some enjoyable time experimenting with Snapseed. Case in point – the above image.

A window with a view

Airports at night always give a warm and cosy feeling. The brightly lit up arrival lounges give me a innate feeling of home coming and a warm welcome. The runway lit up with green, blue and red lights add to the festive air. I love the window seat in the aircraft, though cramped, it gives an unobstructed view while landing and take off.

The other night we boarded the plane from Delhi to Mumbai at night and as usual i was sitting at the window. The weather was cloudy and I wasn’t expecting to get much of a view. As the flight took off, the grand lights of the capital were laid out before us – through the thin veil of clouds they appeared in a gentle haze as though viewed through a big plastic bubble. However soon the plane passed through the clouds and the artificial lights were completely over-shadowed by the luminous grace of the moon – a beautiful full moon that lighted up the wing of the plane with its lovely silvery beams. It reflected off great pools of water on land like a huge beacon of light shining into the blackness of the night.

It was not to last though – the aircraft soon entered into water saturated cumulous clouds. The show however wasn’t over yet – the blinking white lights at the wing tip of the plane lit up the water spray from the wing and it appeared to my eyes, like a glorious burst of diamonds shooting from the wingtip.

The cloudy skies made of an almost fairy tale like view from that aircraft window – a view that i’m not likely to witness again for a long time or forget ever.