Alarm rings. Drag self out of bed. Get dressed. Say goodbye to hubby. Rush to catch bus to office – an hour and half of strategising to get a seat and sleep. Finish routine office work and cribbing. Rush to leave office before peak traffic time. At home. Too tired to cook. Hubby returns frustrated from office. Order dinner.

Hubby gets job in new city. Unable to get transfer to new city. Quit job. Spend a month successfully setting up house. Start applying for jobs. Recessionary and political situations reduce probability of new openings. Convoluted work experience add to woes. Have a baby? Buy a vehicle? Buy a house? Need financial backing of a job to plan. Bored with household chores. Gain weight. Hate gym. Wallow in self pity. Life – Paused!

Call N. Recall her wedding – One that took place amidst protests from family. N has now taken transfer to the capital where her hubby is. N’s hubby is posted on-site for a year. Stuck alone in a new city – search for house, adjust to new traffic timings, adjust to new people in office, catch a few minutes with hubby on different standard time.

Joined swimming. The pool deserted in the morning. Enjoy frolicking in the water.

Call S. Listen to her description of work-life balance. Work timings ensure she’s at home only when her baby is asleep.

New member at the swimming pool. Has come on wheel chair accompanied by parents. Is helped by parents into the pool to exercise her wasted legs.

Suddenly feel very very privileged.


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