Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

A rainy gloomy evening …. and a sudden unexpected break in the clouds !!

the sun shining thru

the sun shining thru

fingers of the god

fingers of the god


Cassette Classics

High school …… the onslaught of new subjects, the adrenaline rush, the first shy entrance to a world of romance, and a tough social environment for me, due to the traditional but indulgent upbringing that i had had. I was mostly part of the crowd watching-in while there were wildfire rumours of various link ups spreading through the school.

And as a part of the anonymous crowd, listening to the handsome dude of the most ‘in news’ couple, on stage, making a song dedication for his pretty girlfriend was when I first heard the song –


Having been brought up only on a diet of old Hindi melodies, I found the song, and the on stage live dedication (with guitar and everything) the most romantic combination. As soon as I was able (at a different time and a different place) I memorised the lyrics of the song. The lyrics were also the ones that my hubby used to express that he wished to be more than just friends. And so it remains to this day the first song that comes to my mind when I think of dedications.

P.S. This nostalgia was brought on by having heard the song at “Cassette Classics” – a part of the Radio Mirchi genres on gaana.com.¬†They claim that everybody has some specific memories linked to when songs were played on cassettes, which they aim to revive – and didn’t they just!