Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots

Oh those Kodak Moments …. !!

Housekeeping personnel of a particular McDonald’s washing the two storied red facade of the joint with a forceful jet from the fire hydrant and a couple of kids from the nearby slums – who are supposed to be helping out, dancing gleefully in the fountain of water rebounding off the walls.

Bombay Ducks on display at Mahim Koliwada – each one neatly hanging in between the rods of the pavement grill, like the arrangement of mango leaves used as decoration for all hindu religious festivals.

Construction work , industriously in progress to build a modern multi-storied glass covered building inside a walled off compound, with the name board next to the gate belatedly proclaiming “Ruby Mills” – Passing of an era in the Mumbai’s industrial sector.

Viewing the sun setting over the lovely plains of central India through the window of a train, and then there is a bullock cart carrying two men passing by, all so beautifully silhouetted against the orange-red ball of the setting sun.

P. S. These are moments when i actually wished I had a camera, to capture the moment, however describing them in words works just as well for me to enjoy these moments.

Would love to hear your views on my post ....!

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