That First Time!

The first time we were going for vacation after marriage.

Last minute checks in the house before hurrying to the cab:
A: Have you checked all the switches?
HD: (Mentally busy ticking off the check-list of all lotions and potions to be carried.) Yup!
A: Why don’t we just shut of the mains? Wonder why people don’t do that?
HD: (Dubiously and in a hurry to be off) Hmmm yah sure!
In the Cab:
A: Did you switch of the gas?
HD: Yess!!
A: The iron?
HD: (Exasperated) Yes!  I switched off everything except the fridge! And anyway it doesn’t matter cause you switched off the mains.


P.S.: The vegetation that can flourish in an enclosed humid space, within a week was a study in itself.
P.P.S.: We have considerably improved our house keeping skills since that first time, the latest exploit being as innocuous as the tripping of the electricity mains by leaving the immersion water heater on after taking it out of the water. There was a power cut at the time of taking it out of the water – could have happened to anybody!

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