What an amazing world we live in !!!

I feel like i’m in the pages of Alice in Wonderland ….. finding something new and inexplicable everyday, be it the mysteries of nature, or the illogical / unreasonable behaviour of fellow human beings. This blog is about all the things that intrigue both in good ways and bad … corporate life, travel, art & craft, photography, books, food, science .. the list just goes on and on…

Why Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall ?

Well for one a wall is a good place to be observing people from. A wall is also a good place to be when you feel that both sides of the wall have equally strong arguments and you can’t decide which side to be on (I do it all the time).

As for Humpty Dumpty – the character itself has a sort of mystical fascination for me. I haven’t yet figured out why the answer to the Humpty Dumpty rhyme is an egg; and Lewis Carroll’s depiction of Humpty Dumpty is not far behind in adding layers of mystical aura to the character.

In my head Humpty Dumpty is a lovable, old-worldy, charming person a little lost in fast paced, global yet contradictively divisive world. He is the ambassador of the motto “Live and Let Live” and since he’s so much like the person I am – he’s on my blog header!

Hope you have fun visiting the blog !



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