My Family and Other Animals

Gerald Durrell dedicated this title to the eccentricities of his family and their interactions with “Gerry’s menagerie” at the Corfu Island. I am dedicating this title to the various escapades of my family – of which we have managed to create quite an eclectic collection.

“Family” in India is of course a very inclusive term embracing into it’s fold all the paternal / maternal aunts, uncles and cousins. However for the sake of brevity I shall only introduce the immediate family members:

There is Father the patrician of the family, with his forceful personality and a belief that he rules his harem of three with an iron fist.

Then there is Mother the sweet disciplinarian, fondly referred to as the “General” by the family.

Sis who is the youngest of the family, notorious for her tendency to wreck havoc and create confusion.

And the latest and the most important addition to the family my hubby – A.


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